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Email Campaign Tips

Increase Email Sign Ups: Five Tips to Show You How.

Emails are the best lead generation tool you can have for your business. Being able to convert prospects into customers often comes in the form of a newsletter and a variety of other communications all based on having your audience's email address. Here's a breakdown on how to increase your email's exposure.

Increase email signups with having a healthy amount of forms around your site.

People will like to experience your website in different ways, some conventional, others not so. Be sure to include your newsletter signup form in multiple variations around your entire website to maximize your chance of an email sign up.

Only ask your customers to fill out a maximum of two fields; name and email.

That's it! Now we're maximizing our opportunity of getting that email signup and not disengaging with our audience with a long list of fields, making them feel like it's a big task.

Use social networking API's to make it easier for customers to sign up.

Adding signup buttons from all the social media networks allow your customers to jump abroad with one single click. Using the infrastructure from the social media giants make it even easier for your customer to sign up.

Use design to your advantage.

Give your site bold and spacious design styles, with fat text and big buttons to attract eyes those swaying for longer and increasing that chance of a signup.

Include a floating subscription form to increase email signs ups.

Include a floating subscription form for first time viewers on your site. A call to action window popping up outlining all of the things they could receive after signing up gives you a good chance at selling what your service has to offer. Include things like the free tools and resources they could get, the overall value your website offers and perhaps a giveaway if you're feeling generous. But in the words of Google, "don't be evil," give people the chance to close this window and don't have it popping up on every page, otherwise you might lose this reader forever.

There you have it, follow these simple steps and you will notice your email sign up rate to increase dramatically. So what are you waiting for, get cracking!

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