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Tracking Your Results

We use a real-time URL and email tracking service.

There are 3 main variables when tracking your campaign's performance:
  • Send Count
  • Open Rate
  • Click Thru Rate (CTR)

You will also see the Name and Partial Email Address of the recipient that clicked on your ad.

Tracking is installed for you at NO additional charge.
(Most email marketing companies charge over $100 for this).

The tracking we use tracks all clicks that occur in your email ad only! Keep in mind that if there's anything else you want to track, it's up to you and your website to do that. We have no control over your website!

Email Campaign Metrics
Average visitors based on previous 100 campaigns
Before Campaign
After Campaign
On average, traffic increased by over 1000% once the email campaign started.
Website sales also increased by over 240%.
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